Apr 24, 2008

Choco Vanilla Cookies

Craving chocolate!? I do --- every day. I also love vanilla, and these cookies comfirm that chocolate and vanilla are a match made in heaven.

I got this recipe from Coolinarika (in Croatian), and have done it a few times, and my kids love it. Tonight they were sad and missed their dad (he‘s on the road), so I made them these cookies for comfort.

Also, on Sunday I am having a ton of people coming over because it’s Easter for me, and I need to cook and bake for days to have enough for everyone.

I made peaches cookies again, and combined the cookies for my kids---choco vanilla, and peach halves to create cute little hats, which I got inspired to do by my friend from Canada. I just played around a bit, and I love the ideas that were coming to me. Well, need to buy some decorating material first...

Cookies 5

This can be done with many different versions of cookies, and decorated even nicer, just check my friends’ little hats out.

Chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting - Išleri

Cookies 3

For the cookies:
10 Tbsp of unsalted butter
200 g flour
70 g powdered sugar
1 egg yolk
3 Tbsp of baking cocoa

Mix butter (room temperature) with egg yolk and sugar, then gradually add flour. Roll it out to about 1/3 of an inch, and cut with cookie cutters. Bake @ 355 F for 15 minutes, then lower it to 300 F for another 5 minutes. Let them cool, and then cover half of them with melted chocolate (I use 100 g baking chocolate with 3 Tbsp of oil). Spread the butter cream on the halves with no chocolate, and put chocolate coated ones on the top.

For the vanilla buttercream:
3 eggs
150 g sugar
1 vanilla sugar (2 Tsp)
7 Tbsp of unsalted butter

Mix eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar, then cook in a double boiler, mixing continuously until it thickens. Let it cool completely, and then add butter.
Cookies are best the next day, to let them sort of soak the moisture from the cream in.

Happy Mother's Day!


chriesi said...

What a lovely idea! Absolutely cute hats!

Marija said...

Mmmm... Išleri, Domaćica, Kiki, Bronhi... The favorite sweets of my childhood :) And I love the hats so much!

Anonymous said...

oh my, this is pure artistry!

Melita said...

Thank you girls! It's my first time to experiment with cookies, and it's so much fun, and kids love it!

Anonymous said...

what a creation. they're gorgeous

Deborah said...

These are so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I love a recipe that can be shaped with my moods. Wonderful!

Melita said...

Thank you all for lovely comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Brilynn said...

Those are so cute! I've bookmarked the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Medena, these look so cute!!! Great recipe. Another print out now:))

food makes me happy said...

My god they are gorgeous!

Lore said...

They look so cute! I'm sure they're equally tasty :)

RecipeGirl said...

I wouldn't want to eat these- they all look too pretty to eat!!

Melita said...

Thank you all for lovely comments! I am happy to share with you!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect for a Mother's Day Tea.... which I am attending very soon. I wonder if I can manage to make mine as nice as yours?!?!

xoxox Amy