Dec 3, 2011

Happy Holiday Baking!

Dear foodie friends,

Holiday baking has started in my house, and it smells soooo good. So gingery, warm and comforting.

I though of my blog, and how much I love and miss blogging, and I though of all my foodies. One of them is Shelby of The Life & Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch. I got an email from her, that just melted my heart; never though she would remember… We started blogging around the same time, and I was one of her first readers, as she was mine. I loved her blog instantly because it is so full of life, love, and good food, and the author is so engaging with her beautiful personality. I am yet to email her back, more on that some other time… Thank you Shelby!

I have had the blog set to private because I was being overwhelmed with questions about recipes, and I never had time to answer them, so I felt like it would be best to close the blog because I am so unavailable. I have also had my fair share of mean comments, anonymous of course, and I guess I got tired of that.

However lots of people also emailed me asking to be added as readers, or to simply make the blog public again, so here it goes. I am so grateful for your wonderful emails, and kind words. Thank you!

With the blog open again, I just cannot promise I will email back responses to your questions as promptly as active food bloggers would. Nature of my job is complicated, I work a lot, sleep very little, never know what the next day will be like, and never can commit to anything but work… I do miss you all, and I miss my kitchen…

I am happy there is still a day here and there when I can actually bake, like this morning, I made these gingerbread cookies with my kids (well I made the dough the day before). Yes, we love Gingy from Shrek! They are now adorning our Christmas tree, and they are also delicious. You can find the recipe here.

Happy Holiday baking!


Suzy said...

How delightful to have you back blogging again. Yours has always been an absolute favorite of mine. Each post is like a little present! Always a surprise :-) Love your little gingy men.

Anonymous said...

this has got to be the best looking gingerbread man EVER! I love MR GINGY!!! I want these so bad, i just showed my boyfriend the picture and nagged a bit :p

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Melita for coming back,I love the way you bake/cook, you are such an inspiration for me. I was planning to make your Dobos Torte this Christmas but I am having problems accessing the recipe. Never mind, I'll choose something else.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Monica said...

Thankyou for making your blog public again! I love seeing all your recipes and greatful they are in English. My parents are Croatian and many of your cakes are familiar to me. I'd like to learn as much as I can as I think as the older generation passes away we will lose these wonderful recipes so I really appreciate what you do.

Shelby said...

Let me just say I'm giving you one great big loving hug :) I'm glad that you brought your blog back to the have such a beautiful blog and food and I miss you!

Iiiii said...

Bas mi je drago da si ponovo aktivna!!!

castraveti murati said...

excellent, looks incredibly good

Maria said...

Hi Melita. Thank you for making your blog available again. This is the first time I comment, but I actually have been reading your blog for very long time. I love it! I love the simple honest way you write and the awsome recipes of course, some of them more complicated as the traditional ones ( O! how I love your presnac post!), some times fast and simple for the times when there is no time. I come from Greece being in this country for 30 years myself, I can relate to you and the love for the food from home! For me what is offered here (little or much) is very much apreciated,it's a gift to us your readers and in no way you should feel you are obligated to do more than you can. Thank you again. You may have a happy, healthy prosperous New Year!