Jul 17, 2014

Lamington Cake Pops

Lamington cake pops

Well, my family and friends love lamingtons, so I thought about making them into cake pops. Sure enough, people have already done it!! Well, great idea, indeed! Love 'em!
To make:
One recipe sponge cake, or your favorite sponge cake recipe.
Chocolate candy melt
Any kind of pudding, cream, frosting or whatever you like to combine the crumbs. I have used Dr.Oetker strawberry pudding made with about 1/3 cup less milk so it's thicker.
Desiccated coconut
Cool the cake, remove crust, and crumble it with your hands. Add pudding, or whatever you like to make a mixture that can be formed easily. Form balls and put a stick in each, dip them in chocolate candy melt, and then in coconut. Cool in fridge, and serve. Easy! :)


Unknown said...

These look absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to make cake pops myself :)
Teri lovecrumbs-x.blogspot.com

jord said...

These look delicious!!