Jun 26, 2008

Carob Cubes

My dear foodies. I am sorry I have been absent for a while, but I have checked some of your blogs, and have tried to keep up with the latest developments in our foodie world!
I have had a lot on my plate lately, and I am now getting ready for a Florida vacation! Yeah!!! Finally!

I will stay for about 2 weeks, or so I hope, but I will have my laptop with me, so keep in touch, and I will too. I have rented a house, so kitchen will still be available to me, you never know, maybe I whip up something while having fun on Marco Island!

Thanks for visiting, and here is a cake made of ground carob, which I loved to snack on when I was little. It is great, next time I am thinking about making an entire torte out of it, with cream, and the whole nine yards… : )

Carob Cubes
(Recipe adapted from Franck d.d. ground carob package)

3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1 cup ground carob
5 Tbsp oil
5 Tbsp spiced rum
2 Tsp baking powder
Grated rind of one lemon

Preheat oven to 405 F. Mix egg yolks with sugar, adding sugar little by little. Add milk, flour mixed with baking powder, ground carob, oil, rum, and lemon rind. Mix well.
Mix egg whites until stiff, fold them in the mixture. Pour into regular rectangular cake pan (11x7x2), and bake for about 30 minutes. Cool down, cut into cubes, and dust with powdered sugar. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely lovely this sounds!

Marija said...

Mmmmm! Sounds amazing! I totaly forgot about carob. Thanks for reminding me :) I also loved it as a kid. Btw, Frank makes my favorite Divka :)

ps. Have a great time on Florida!!!

Anonymous said...

they look delicious!
have fun in Florida, for a well-deserved vacation.

Anonymous said...

Medena, what a great looking dessert. Only, where do I get carob here? I have never heard about it before.

I loved your pictures!

Have fun in Florida!

Melita said...

Thank you all! :)

Farida- I have no idea where you can buy it, but I get it at my local ethnic stores... If you really would like it, I can ship you a pack or two! Did you have it before?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about carob. Never had it before. Maybe when I see it I recognize it. I did a search on google to read more about it, but honestly, did not find anything informative. maybe it's called differently in Russian? I would know then. Don't worry about shipping it to me:) It's so nice of you. I'll let you know when I decide to make it and you can send it to me then. THANKS, amiga!

Marija said...

Hi Farida! I found a Russian name for carob: Рожковое дерево. Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautifull cake!

here, I just find the caroub syrop ( whithout add sugar ).

can I do with ?

thank you!!

Melita said...

Hi grazi, and thank you!
As for carob syrup, I don't know how that would work as a substitute, because carob meal is like flour, also called carob flour...sorry...I think this powder would do: