Jun 8, 2008

Six word memoir

I got tagged for this one some time ago by Farida from Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook, but couldn’t get to it, and then I forgot all about it. I should add forgetful, in the list below : )))
Now I got tagged again, by Chriesi of Almond Corner, and I thought I must find time to do it, so here it is ladies, me in six words:

Restless (Sagittarius:)

I am very just, and honest, and it is hard for me to live in the world today where there is not much justice…

I am restless; yes, I love being home, cooking, baking, all that, but when the nice weather is here, the highway is calling me, and I love to travel, and get away!

I'm a perfectionist, but not extreme kind. As much as I can be with 2 kids and a big baby husband! I do love organizing, and constantly changing stuff around the house, never pleased with one display/layout for a long time. Constantly changing!

Very impulsive, which is sometimes good, but most of the times makes me jump to conclusions…
OK, this was supposed to be a “6” word memoir!!!!! Sorry! Have a fun day!

Now, I am supposed to tag 6 fellow food bloggers, and the lucky 6 are:

Marija from Palachinka
Cathy from Noble Pig
Susan from Food Blogga
Antonio from Olive Juice
Familia Bencomo from Familia Bencomo
Kate from Aaplemint

If you have already been tagged, do excuse me, I cannot go through so many pages, and check, and if you have done it, maybe just provide a link, if you want to, no biggie, so you need not do it again, but we (me) still get to read... :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!

chriesi said...

It is nice to know a bit more about you. :)

Marija said...

Thanks for the tag Medena! I too am forgetful! Farida has tagged me too then. I'll get on to this later today.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun tag. I have done this one before, but I think I'll re-do mine. You sound SOOO much like myself - especially the perfectionist (yet not extreme), organizing, impulsive & Sagittarius (I'm Nov 23rd). Great read & thank you for the tag.

xoxox Amy

Melita said...

Amy - Nov 23 rd, 14 years ago is when my hubby and I started dating!!! How awesome!
I am Nov 29th, and so is my son! What a B-day gift!
My daughter is Nov 10th; she came a little early, but close enough to combine it all into one BIG FIESTA!!! Hubby gets to buy us all gifts, he is a Sep. baby :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! When I was reading this, I thought you wrote about me:) I am a Sagittarius, to as you may know already:) and all you said here goes to me too:)))) It's so great knowing you, Medena! y If only we lived closer, we have so much in common:)

Melita said...

Thank you all for kind comments!

Farida - one day, maybe one day... Would love to live in CA!!! We would have fun cooking together! :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hi Medena,

I'm sorry, but I've already done this meme. My was: Thirteen years. Seven homes. One husband.

I really enjoyed learning about you though. We have a lot of Nov. b-days in our family too. It's always such a festive month.