Mar 18, 2008

Easter basket

Make your Easter basket and eat it too! I have seen this several times online, and in print. Particularly inspiring is the work of the lady that goes by the nickname Strufna, and she posts recipes and pictures on Podravka's website! She really is both, the artist, and a chef--- just love her creations!

This year a friend asked me to make her the Easter bread I always make, and I thought of making it special. I love baking so much, and I always try to make it look as good as it tastes! :)

Basically all you need is your favorite bread recipe, good will, and folk to eat it!!! :)
This is my first try, and I am making it again on Saturday (for the friend ---this one is for me, mhmmm, for breakfast). I am sure it will turn out even better, and then I'll post in detail about the process, and with better pictures of course, because I will do it in daylight :)
In the meantime, here are the pictures of how I did it tonight.
Happy Easter!

Easter basket 1

Easter basket making 1Easter basket making2Easter basket making 3Easter basket making 4Easter basket making 5Easter basket 2


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! I am totally going to try this! I love it!

chriesi said...

WOW just WOW!

Marija said...

WOW! Such a lovely idea! Will try this for orthodox easter :)

Melita said...

Thank you girls!

Marija, it’s rather easy, you will love it, and I will make it for our Easter too! For the kids, and also family and friends, we celebrate both , so they get double Christmas’ too!
:))) Lucky kids!

Elle said...


Mar said...

Una delicia tu trabajo, te felicito!!!

Melita said...

Muchas gracias! ;)

Brilynn said...

That would make such an awesome centerpiece!

Shelby said...

How creative! I love it!

taste memory said...

OMG ~ this basket is way TOO....your baking skills prove you are very patient & talented!

Looks cool & prob. tastes great.

You're definitely linkable - if alright with you; your tagged?

Feel free to visit me perhaps when waiting for the dough to rise ;-)

Melita said...

Thank you Ingar! :) I like your blog too, and have checked it out, and created a link to it ;)

I must try that mandu, mandu!

Cynthia said...

OMG! A stunning display of a
marriage of loveliness and deliciousness. Incredible!!!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Wow, I am very impressed. Everything you make comes out beautifully!

Melita said...

Thank you Jessica! It is very important to me that my food looks as good as it tastes :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this with my family's favorite bread recipe but the construction phase kind of...melted. How did you keep yours together? Is it the type of dough or technique? Please help I'd love to make this.

Melita said...

Oh, I am so sorry Olivia; it must have been the bread texture. Mine was sort of “melting” too, but not too much. Also you do need to do this fast, because as you weave it, it starts to raise.

Anyway, don’t be discouraged, and try my recipe, maybe that will help. I made it again for my other friend, and it turned out even better. I even made a braided edge.

Here is the recipe I use:

1 kg (about 4 ½ cups) flour
1 dl (½ cup) oil
1 whole egg, and 3 yolks
2 active dry quick rise yeast packages (2 x 7g)
1 Tsp of sugar to start the yeast going
Salt to taste - less than a handful
50/50 milk and water, warm, as much as you need to mix it all into nice dough, not to soft, not too hard
You can cut all of this in half, because this is a lot of bread.

Sorry, if recipe is not very clear, but you can’t fail. Start the yeast with the sugar and some warm milk in a covered cup, then add it to flour, and just keep adding milk/water mixture slowly, and knead for at least 10 minutes. Let it rise to fill the bowl, then knead again, and let it rise one more time, and then knead it and weave/braid away. Make sure your house keeps closed, and temperature is at least 72 F. Preheat the oven to 405 F before putting the bread in, and don’t forget to decorate by brushing it with egg yolk. Good luck!

I am posting another picture for you! : )

Anonymous said...

You are stellar! Thanks so much. I figured it was the dough so I will try yours before experimenting with other types again.

tcvetelinka said...

It is a wonderful beautiful

Parks said...

I have a question about your recipe, did you put in one egg into the mixture or is that egg and the yolks only for the brushing?