Mar 3, 2008

Chicken - dressed up!

Dress up your whole chicken into totally stylish (yummy) “feathers” by wrapping it up in bacon slices!

Whole chicken wrapped up in bacon
I have this one issue of a Macedonian magazine called “Hrana I Vino” (Food and Vine), although I think now they changed it to “Debeli ama Srekni” (Fat but Happy), and in that issue was this chicken named “model out of the oven”.
Ever since I bought that magazine, I have been making my kitchen a runway for these yummy super models! : )

All you need is a whole chicken, seasoning you like, bacon slices, and potatoes, and maybe other veggies that you like.
Take the skin off the chicken, season (I have used Emeril’s Chicken Rub this time, delicious), arrange bacon slices nicely over chicken breast, and wrap a slice around each leg. Place in a pan with half cup oil.
Bake for about half hour @ 425 F, and then add potatoes (and veggies if you like), and bake for another hour or until done.
I season my potatoes with paprika, try it, you’ll love it! Enjoy your dinner!

Chicken skinned & seasonedChicken wrappedn in bacon B4 oven


Anonymous said...

I love it! Can't wait to make it.

test it comm said...

Now that looks good! Bacon makes everything better!

Melita said...

Thank you both! :)
You should try, it is delicious!

Anonymous said...

i don't think you need a better camera at all. that is the best looking chicken in the world. i love how you didn't just drape the bacon, but really wrapped it so the shape of the chicken is still clear. awesome!

Melita said...

:) Thanks Michelle!
I didn't have to try hard with the bacon, it's so nice and thin, it just sort of hugged the chicken.

chriesi said...

Pretty. :)

PheMom said...

Oh yeah! I'm a big fan of the bacon and chicken combo. I can't wait to try this!